HF and Microwave Custom Design

Components and systems for high-frequency and microwave technology are being designed for 10+ years.

We are a one-stop shop for HF technology: No matter whether you’re just looking for a single filter, (e.g. a band-stop filter at 123 MHz) or for 20 power amplifiers (e.g. at 2.45 GHz, output power of 100 watts) or for a few hundred power dividers (e.g. at 1.9 GHz) - we are happy to help - just ask and let our prices convince you. Our designs are almost exclusively customer oriented, and many new projects can be derived from some of the more than 500 different existing designs. Some standard products are available as well.

Our lab includes all tools required for development and production (including self-developed software for microwave board layouts) as well as all required measuring instruments. In addition to sample production for circuit boards (on 20+ different substrates), this also includes well-equipped mechanical workshop.

Our extensive warehouse includes well over 1000 prefabricated RF enclosures, several thousand high-quality high-frequency semiconductors, a few thousand coaxial connectors, several tens of thousands of RF specialized components (RF capacitors), etc.

We supply custom design according to your requirements, this can include a prototype with complete documentation / production documents, but we also supply ready-to-install modules or complete devices in 19" technology including power supply etc. We also design and manufacture transmitters and receivers for optical communications (fast optical data transmission in the GHz range ).

Our current frequency limit for design and production is well above 20 GHz, e.g. power amplifier for 22 GHz with up to 20 watts. For very special requirements (e.g. up to 50 GHz or low-noise and very fast synthesizers) please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are very flexible, our delivery times are unrivaled (we cannot perform magic, but we have already built and shipped high pass and low pass filters within one day!).

Our prices will satisfy you. Our customers include SMEs as well as big telecom groups or research institutes and universities.


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